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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Feb-2018Conducting Organogelators Design Synthesis and Self assembly of Oligo thienylenevinylene Derived Molecular WiresSeelam PrasanthkumarAjayaghosh A
16-Nov-2017Control on Optical and Morphological Properties of Oligo p phenylenevinylene Self AssembliesSanthosh Babu SAjayaghosh A
27-Jan-2017Design Synthesis and Self Assembly of a few Oligo p phenylenevinylene Derivatives Control of Chromophore Assemblies and Optical Properties of r OrganogelsVijayakumar CAjayaghosh A
28-Nov-2016Design Synthesis and Studies of Novel Cation Sensors Bichromophoric Squaraine Foldamers and their Monochromophoric AnaloguesArunkumar EAjayaghosh A
18-Aug-2017Design Synthesis and Study of a few Donor Acceptor Donor D A D Molecules as Molecular Probes and Logic GatesSreejith SAjayaghosh A
6-Jun-2014Exploring oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) gelators as sensors and stimuli responsive materialsKrishnan Kartha KAjayaghosh A
28-Nov-2016Oligo p phenylenevinylene Derived A Gels Modulation of Optical Properties and Application as Excitation Energy Donor ScaffoldsPraveen V KAjayaghosh A
28-Dec-2012Oligo p phenylenevinylene derived organogels a novel class of functional supramolecular materialsGeorge, Subi JacobAjayaghosh A
27-Jan-2017Pyrrole Derived Oligo and Polysquaraines Synthesis optical properties and Conductivity StudiesChenthamarakshan C RAjayaghosh A
13-Mar-2018Self Assembly of Linearly Conjugated Molecules P Phenylenevinylenes Versus P PhenyleneethynylenesReji VargheseAjayaghosh A
23-Oct-2017Squaraine Based Cation Probes and Self Assembly Modules Design Synthesis and PropertiesChithra PAjayaghosh A
29-May-2017Synthesis and Studies of Low Band Gap Squaraine Polymers and Their Model Compounds Derived from Pyrrole End Capped Conjugated MonomersJoby EldoAjayaghosh A
17-Oct-2016Synthesis and Studies of n Extended Squaraines and Cation Probes Derived from Conjugated BispyrrolesPriya CarolAjayaghosh A
10-Mar-2016Xanthate Derived Photosensitive Monomeric Initiators Synthesis Characterization and Polymerization StudiesRaju FrancisAjayaghosh A