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Title: Taxonomic studies on caddis flies of Annulipalpia (Insecta: Trichoptera) from Indian Himalaya
Researcher: Singh, Manpreep
Guide(s): Saini, M S
Keywords: zoology
Indian Subfamilies
Chimarra Stephens
Upload Date: 18-Jul-2013
University: Punjabi University
Completed Date: 2012
Abstract: The order Trichoptera (Cadddisflies) comprises a group of holometabolous insects closely related to the order Lepidoptera; together the two orders represent the super order Amphiesmenoptera. Adult Trichoptera ranges in size over two orders of magnitude, from very minute with a wing span of less than 3mm to large with a wing span approaching 100mm. Some species have striking colours and wing patterns but most of the species generally range in colour from dull yellow through grey, or brown to black. Out of 14,291 species discovered, more than half of these known species are recorded from only two regions, the Oriental and Neotropical Regions (de Moor and Ivanov, 2008). The highest species diversity is recorded in the Oriental region. Sub order Annulipalpia of Trichoptera includes 8 families viz. Dipseudopsidae Ulmer, Ecnomidae Ulmer, Hydropsychidae Curtis, Philopotamidae Stephens, Polycentropodidae Ulmer, Psychomyiidae Walker, Stenopsychidae Martynov and Xiphocentronidae Ross. Extensive and intensive survey of high altitude regions, ranging from from 250 m amsl in Tamin (Arunachal Pradesh) to as high as 4200 m amsl in Sarchu (Himachal Pradesh) has been made. The present study is based on approximately 2,086 adult specimens belonging to six families of Annulipalpia. These specimens are referable to 17 genera and 109 species. Out of 109 species, 89 species are added as new, whereas, 16 species are already recorded species which include: 2 species of genus Arctopsyche Mclachlan, 1868 (Hydropsychidae), 1 species of Hydropsyche Pictet, 1834 (Hydropsychidae), 3 species of genus Chimarra Stephens, 1829 (Philopotamidae), 2 species of genus Dolophilodes Ulmer, 1909 (Philopotamidae), 2 species of genus Wormaldia McLachlan, 1865 (Philopotamidae), 1 species of Plectrocnemia Stephens, 1836 (Polycentropodidae), and 5 species of genus Stenopsyche McLachlan, 1866 (Stenopsychidae). In family Philopotamidae genus Kisaura Ross is reported for the first time from Indian faunistic limits with 26 species as new to science
Pagination: 286p.
Appears in Departments:Department of Zoology

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