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16-Jun-2015Engineering pichia pastoris expression system for enhanced candida antarctica lipase b enzyme secretionPremsingh samuel S DMeenakshisundaram S
11-Sep-2015Effect of plasma pretreatment on multifunctional finishes and influence of a lactobacillus acidophilus bio culture treatment on effluentsVellingiri KRamachandran T
11-Sep-2015Polyfunctional finishing options for cotton textilesEdwin sunder ANalankilli G
2-Dec-2014Synthesis of nano silica from natural resource and its application on cotton fabrics for crease recovery finishGobi NRamachandaran T
2-Dec-2014Characterization of virulence factors in emerging diarrhoeagenic enteropathogenic e coli epec infectionsPavankumar A RSankaran K
2-Dec-2014A study of properties of yarn and fabrics made from microfibresRamakrishnan GBhaarathi dhurai
17-Dec-2014Chemicobiological interactions of caffeoyl derivatives from cichorium intybus with protein tyrosine phosphatase 1b ptp1b an in vitro in silico and in vivo approachMuthusamy V SLakshmi B S
1-Jan-2015Studies on multifunctional finishing of textiles using tio2 zno nanoparticlesKathirvelu SBhaarathi dhurai
9-Apr-2015Heterologous expression studies of therapeutically important protein streptokinase in escherichia coliSuthakaran PMurugan V
24-Dec-2014Coproduction of two new peptide antibiotics and specific protease by a bacterial isolate paenibacillus alvei np75 through ribosomal and nonribosomal mediated protein synthesis machineryAnandaraj BMurugan V