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25-Jul-2017Potentiality of antibacterial activity of Nonantibiotics with lactam antibiotics Against methicillin resistant staphylococcus Aureus mrsa clinical strainAkilandeswari KRuckmani K
16-Nov-2017Agronomic assessment of bioinoculant consortium for bio organic agroproduction of secondary metabolites from andrographis paniculataM, Anis KumarSelvamani, P
16-Nov-2017Thermoplastic polyurethane Nanocomposites for leather supplementsM, BharathiJaisankar, S N
16-Nov-2017Synthesis and characterization of biodiesel derived from marine algae and cotton seeds for application in diesel enginesB, KarpanaiselvanVennison, S John
16-Nov-2017Nutraceutical expedition of bioactive compounds for nutritional quality enrichment and shelf life enhancementP, Azhagu Saravana BabuSukumar, M
16-Nov-2017Studies on tribology of footwear and flooringR, MohanDas, Bhabendra Nath
16-Nov-2017In silico studies on protein structure function relationships in hydrolase fold case studies on proteins with clinical importance from Mycobacterium tuberculosisS, AnithaAnishetty, Sharmila
16-Nov-2017Surface modification of polyamide fabric through biological and physicochemical methods for interfacial adhesion improvement in rubber compositesG, Krishna PrasadPeriyasamy, S
16-Nov-2017Studies on novel polyetherimide mixed matrix membranes for hemodialysis applicationK, Noel JacobMohan, D
16-Nov-2017Biodegradation studies for additives blended recycled low density polyethylene sheets and identification of degrading microorganisms from soils at different locationsG, Gnana VelThirumarimurugan, M