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4-Mar-2016Molecular and immunological characterization of translationally controlled tumor protein TCTP from the filarial parasites wuchereria bancrofti and brugia malayi and phage displayed antigens from L3 stage of brugia malayiGnanasekar, MKaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016A heuristic approach for solving open shop scheduling problems minimizing makespan and resource idlenessJayakumar, SKumar, RB
4-Mar-2016Effect of hydrotropes on solubility and mass transferGandhi, N NagendraSathyamurthy, N
27-Aug-2014Effect of hydrotropes on solubility and mass transfer coefficient of organic solutesAntony bertie moraisNagendra gandhi N
25-Jul-2013Enhancing the efficacy of diagnostic candidate WbSXP-1 and development of antigen based immune- diagnostic prototype for human lymphatic filariasisPandey, VivekKaliraj P
4-Mar-2016Utilization of forest materials for the production of tannin and gallic acid mass transfer and kinetic studiesRamakrishnan, KKrishnan, MRV
4-Mar-2016Status of host immune response to whole parasitic and recombinant antigens in human lymphatic filariasisRaman, Umakaliraj, P
4-Mar-2016Studies in gas liquid agitated vesselsMurugesan, TDegaleesan, TE
4-Mar-2016Development and characterization of siliconized epoxy interpenetrating coatings for high performance corrosion resistant applicationsKumar, SAnandaAlagar, M
4-Mar-2016Influence of processing parameters on sintering and mechanical behaviour of sol gel derived aluminaSathiyakumar, MGnanam, FD