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22-Jun-2016Molecular diversity and interactions of begomoviruses infecting French bean phaseolus vulgaris LBhatt, Bhavin SSingh, Achuit KUmar
22-Jun-2016Study of mitochondrial fission fusion dynamics and its role in colorectal cancer growth survival migration and angiogenesis in response to short chain fatty acidTailor, Dhanir MukeshbhaiRana, Pratap Singh
28-Feb-2018To study the effect and mechanisms of andrographolide on the growth and progression of head and neck cancer cellsKartha, Anitha BSingh, Rana P
28-Feb-2018Study of the effects and associated mechanisms of fisetin on gastric cancer cellsSabarwal, AkashSingh, Rana P
28-Feb-2018Study of effect and associated mechanism of usnic acid on growth and progression of lung carcinoma cellsSingh, NarendraVasita, Rajesh and Singh, Rana P
21-Jun-2019Development of polycaprolactone chitosan nanofibers as biomimetic substrate for mesenchymal stem cellsJhala, Dhwani VirbhadrasinhVasita, Rajesh
23-May-2017Identification and study of novel natural small molecules for their antimicrobial activitySurati Viralkumar, VSingh Achuit Kumar
25-Jun-2019Effect of hesperetin on IL 1B induced Cox 2 expression inflammation and metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma cellsRamteke, Prerna MotiramYadav, Umesh C S
25-Jun-2019Effect and associated mechanisms of small molecules on chemosesnsitization of lung cancer cellsPunia, ReenuVasita, Rajesh and Singh, Rana P
25-Jun-2019To investigate anti inflammatory and anti carcinogenic properties of acacetin in Inflammatory bowel disease IBD and colon cancer modelPrasad, NupoorYadav, Umesh C S