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7-May-2018Investigation of air swirl inducement techniques in a di diesel engine with mamey sapote bio diesel to improve the performance and emissionsA. Raj KumarDr. G. Janardhana Raju and Prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy
26-Apr-2018Experimental investigations on performance characteristics of ci eniges using cotton seed based biodiesel with fuel additivesJ. Kanna KumarDr. P. Mallikarjuna Rao and Prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy
25-Apr-2018Optimizations of shell and tube heat exchangers using various modelsTharakeshwar T.K.Dr. K.N. Seetharamu and Dr. B. Durga Prasad
27-Dec-2017Experimental investigations on 4 stroke di diesel engine using methyl esters of polanga oil and karanja oils at different injection timings injection pressures and at dual fuel mode operationsP. VaraprasadDr. R. Hari Prakash and Prof. B. Durga Prasad
27-Dec-2017Experimental investigations on blended polyester and vinylester polymer reinforced with carbon fiber montmorrilonite naoclay hybrid nanocompositesP. Hari SankarDr. Y.V. Mohana Reddy and Prof. K. Hemacahndra Reddy
15-Dec-2017Analysis of smart composite laminated plates using higher order theoriesP. Veerasanjeeva KumarDr. B. Chandramohan Reddy
30-Nov-2017Effect of oxygenated fuel on vibration combustion performance and emission characteristics of compression ignition engineB. Madhava VarmaDr. N. Ravi Kumar and D. Smt. G. Prasanthi
30-Nov-2017Some studies on model updating of simple beams using regression methodR.J.V. Anil KumarDr. Y. Venkata Mohan Reddy and Prof. K. Prahlada Rao
30-Nov-2017Simulation of dynamic resource allocation policies in road transportationG. Sadasiva PrasadDr. K. Rajagopal and Dr. K. Prahlada Rao
30-Nov-2017Superplasticity and superplastic deformation with diffusion bonding of a titanium alloyK. ChandrappaDr. Joel Hemanth
30-Nov-2017Investigation on Effect of Machining Variables on the Performance of Edm-Wire CutSudhakara, DDr.Smt. G. Prasanthi
30-Nov-2017Evaluating the bullwhip effect of supply chain under uncertainty environment by using simulation techniquesK. Ramesh ReddyDr. C. Nadhamuni Reddy and Dr. Chandra Mohan Reddy
30-Nov-2017Tip clearance effects on the performance and flow field of a centrifugal compressorS.Maddulety SwamyProf. V. Pandurangadu
21-Nov-2017Modeling analysis and optimization of drilling parameters in drilling of gfrp armour steel sandwich compositesM.A.J. BoscoDr. K. Palani Kumar and Prof. B. Durga Prasad
21-Nov-2017Investigation on ic engine to study the performacne and emission characteristics with ethanol and hydrogen as alternate fuelPerumallapalli GandhiProf. M. Yohan
21-Nov-2017Closed queueing network analysis for optimum buffer allocation in a conwip based jit system using pso and sos algorithmsK. Lakshmi NarasimhamuDr. V. Venugopal Reddy and Dr. C.S.P. Rao
10-Nov-2017Effect nano iron mechanical thermal chemical physical morphilogical and structural properties of polymer compositesG. Naveen KumarDr.Y.V. Mohana Reddy and Prof. K. Hemachandra Reddy
10-Nov-2017Experimental investigations on multi cylinder d i diesel engine with pongamia bio diesel and swirl augmentation techniqueC.V.B.S. Anil KumarDr. V. Pandurangadu
10-Nov-2017Experimental investigation on ceramic hot surface ignition ci engine using alcohols as fuelP. SreenivasuluProf. B. Durga Prasad
10-Nov-2017Prediction of mechanical behavior of nano based compositesP. PrasanthiDr. G. Samba Siva Rao
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 92