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Title: Synthesis and characterization of diglycolamic acid functionalized and antiher 2 targeted polyamidoamine dendrimer cisplatin nanoparticles for the treatment of cancer
Researcher: AKILA, K.
Guide(s): Ganesh venkatraman
Keywords: Anti tumor activity
Diglycolamic acid
University: Sri Ramachandra University
Completed Date: 09/06/2016
Abstract: Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases that threaten the life of millions of people all over the world Chemotherapy remains as the gold standard for patients with cancer at its initial or postoperative stage during remission and or at the advanced stage Among the chemotherapeutic regimens cisplatin is an important anticancer agent widely used in the treatment of epithelial neoplasms of ovary lung testis head and neck Though wonderfully effective the clinical use of cisplatin is often associated with cumulative toxicities of nephrotoxicity ototoxicity and peripheral neuropathy In addition to these serious systemic toxicities limited aqueous solubility lack of tumor selectivity rapid blood clearance and inherent or treatment induced resistant tumor cell sub-populations further limit the therapeutic efficacy of cisplatin One strategy to circumvent these limitations is to employ polymeric nanoparticle mediated drug delivery systems since this strategy is anticipated to offer better selective accumulation of cisplatin into tumors while lessening its distribution within normal tissues Among the available nanoformulations dendrimers find a unique and superior place due to their monodispersity and defined three dimensional nano scale framework Among different types of dendrimers Polyamidoamine PAMAM is the first complete dendrimer family to be well understood synthesized characterized and extensively commercialized Dendrimers can also be employed as pH sensitive drug carriers with the help of pH sensitive hydrazone or acetal bonds or functional groups exploiting the acidic tumor microenvironment and intracellular endosomal pH Furthermore there are various reports of conjugating targeting ligands to PAMAM dendrimers to make them target specific Among the targeting ligands monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments to cell surface receptors are unique owing to their affinity to cognate ligands and hence offer as useful targeting moieties for nanoparticles Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER 2 a type 1
Pagination: 1-159
Appears in Departments:College of Biomedical Sciences

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