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20-May-2019Carbene insertion into the n h bond catalyzed by cu i and ir i complexes facile construction of the c n bondRamakrishna KankanalaSivasankar, C.
20-May-2019Synthesis of metal complexes of ketimine based N N and N O donor ligands and their application in catalysisRaghavendra, B.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
20-May-2019Ferrocene based chimeric conformationally rigid chiral molecules synthesis and their utility in enantioselective transformationsMurali Mohan Achari, K.Ramanathan, C. R.
12-Apr-2019Synthesis Characterization and Catalytic Applications Of Phosphine Ligand Stabilized Co Ni Pd Mo and W ComplexesTamizmani M.Sivasankar C.
12-Apr-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Esterfunctionalized Thiolato Bridged Manganese I Rhenium I Based Di and Tetranuclear Metallacyclophanes and MetallarectanglesChowan Ashok KumarBala Maniraman
20-Aug-2018Chemistry of H Cardanol DerivativesKamalraj, MSurya Prakash Rao, H
20-Aug-2018Cyclic voltammetric analysis and photoreduction behaviour of Co III and Cu II mixed amine complexes in binary solvent systemsManjunathan, MAnbalagan, K
10-Aug-2018Sol Gel Synthesis Crystal Structure Electronic and Magnetic Properties of A2 xBxC4 3xO7 0 0 x 0 75 A B Al B Pr As Gd Bi C Co Mn OxidesPalanisamy, K.Das, Bidhu Bhusan
10-Aug-2018Variations and Synthetic Applications of the Blaise Reaction Synthesis of 1 3 Diketones 3 Amino Enones 3 5 Diketo Esters 2 Pyridones and DibenzopyransMuthanna, NandurkaSurya Prakash Rao, H
10-Aug-2018Electronic Structure and Bonding of PorphyrinoidsMuthu Austeria, PBalakrishnarajan, M. M.
10-Aug-2018Delocalization in Covalent Systems Structural Preferences and Frontier Gap EngineeringMarutheeswaran, SBalakrishnarajan, M.M
27-Dec-2017Activation of Imide Carbonyl Group By Brønsted Acid Lewis Acid Syntheses of Tetrahydro and#61538;and#61472;Carboline Derivatives and Related AlkaloidsMangalaraj, SRamanathan, C. R.
27-Dec-2017Synthesis characterization and biological activity of 4h chromenes and 1 4 dihydropyridinesParthiban A.Surya Prakash Rao H.
16-Oct-2017Synthesis and Characterization of Trisubstituted Pyrroles and Conjugates of Coumarin Bioactive MoleculesAvinash DesaiSurya Prakash Rao, H.
16-Oct-2017Azido and Phenoxo Bridged Dinuclear Copper II Complexes Derived from Mannich Base Ligands Magnetic Biological and Structural InvestigationsBhagyaraju, B.Anbalagan, K.
16-Oct-2017Synthesis Spectroscopic and Structural Characterization of Chalcogen Bridged Di and Tetra Rhenium Metallacyclophanes Containing Ester Amide FunctionalityKarthikeyan, M.Manimaran, Bala.
13-Oct-2017Graphene Oxide Based Hybrid Nanomaterials Structural Investigation and Applications as Catalysts and Electrochemical SensorsRajesh, R.Venkatesan, R.
13-Oct-2017New Lessons for the Synthesis of Ammonia and Related Molecules from Dinitrogen using Transition Metal Catalysts DFT StudiesBaskaran, S.Sivasankar, C.
13-Oct-2017Carbon Containing Al N and GaN Heterocycles Sterics Induced Structural DiversityMaheswari, K.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
20-Jul-2016Molecular Structural Identification and Position of CuII VoII MnII And FeIII Ions in Zinc and Cadmium Malonate Complexes Using Spectroscopic StudiesParthipan, KSambasiva Rao, P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 83