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12-Apr-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Esterfunctionalized Thiolato Bridged Manganese I Rhenium I Based Di and Tetranuclear Metallacyclophanes and MetallarectanglesChowan Ashok KumarBala Maniraman
2-Jul-2019Synthesis and Characterization of Sterically Electronically and Functionally Modified and#946; Diketiminate Ligands and their Metal Complexes in the Context of the Copolymerization of CO2 and Cyclohexene OxideRajendran, N. M.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
20-Jun-2019Multi Component Reactions in Water Populating Biological Chemical Space with Skeletally Diverse Small MoleculesRajarathinam, B.Vasuki, G
23-May-2019UV light induced formation of Co Ni Cu Zn Nanocrystaline SnO2 semiconductor and preparation of coordination compound precursorsRajkumar, K.Anbalagan, K.
23-Mar-2020Studies on self assembled supramolecular metallomesogens containing azo and Imine moietiesKeerthiga, R.Kaliyappan, T.
23-Mar-2020Chemical investigation of lichen substances and their biological and pharmacological activitiesAnanthi, R.Tinabaye, A.
23-Mar-2020Synthesis and structure activity studies of substituted naphthoquinones for antifilarial activityTwinkle, K.Nisha Mathew
23-Mar-2020Conformationally rigid chiral bicyclic skeleton tethered bipyridine ZN OTF 2 catalyzed enantioselective organic transformationsVenkatanna, K.Ramanathan, C.R.
23-Mar-2020Design Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Palladium Complexes and Their Application as Catalysts in Suzuki Miyaura Cross Coupling Reactions in Neat Water and the Related Coupling Reactions in Organic MediumRamakrishna, V.Dastagiri Reddy, N.
8-Jul-2019Investigation of ferromagnetism in nano tio2 containing transition metal ion impurity produced by photoreduction processGaneshraja, A. S.Anbalagan, K.