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20-Nov-2012Porphyrin based hybrid materials: photophysical, structural investigation and applications as optical materials and HCL gas sensorsVenkatramaiah NutalapatiVenkatesan, R
20-Nov-2012Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of manganese based metallacyclophanesKarthikeyan, SBala Manimaran
17-Jul-2014Studies on poly (acrylamide)s anchored azo ligand derived from 2-hydroxy carbonyl compounds containing divalent metal ions and its antimicrobial activitySasidaran, MKaliyappan, T
18-Dec-2012Sol-gel synthesis and structure-property relations in CUO- and V2o5- containing polycrystalline systems obtained via nitrate-citrate gel routeSharma, Rajesh KumarDas, Bidhu Bhusan
18-Dec-2012Synthesis, spectroscopic andstructural characterisation of chalcogen bridged Rhenium(I) Metallacycles and MetallacyclophanesVanitha, ABala. Manimaran
18-Dec-2012Structural elucidation of interstitial and substitutional positions of VO(II), MN(II) and CU(II) ions doped in Zinc and Nickel malonate complexes using single crystal EPR techniqueBoobalan, SSambasiva Rao, P
10-Dec-2012Single crystal EPR studies on D1, D5 and D9 systems in diamagnetic host latticesMithira, SSambasiva Rao, P
10-Dec-2012Studies on poly(Acrylate)s containing hydrazone ligand derived from 2,4- Dihydroxy carbonyl compounds and their divalent metal complexesSankar, RKaliyappan, T
18-Dec-2012Multi-component reactions in water: an eco−friendly approach to diversity oriented synthesisKumaravel, KVasuki, G
15-Nov-2010Nitroketene N, S-acetai, route: to functionalized 4H-chromenes and further transformation into hybrid amino acids and dopa isomersGeetha, KRao, Surya Prakash H