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15-Apr-2015Development validation of hplc methods and various approaches for the quantification of genotoxic impurities for some of the pharmaceutical ingredientsBala Venkata Narayana M.Prof. K.B. Chandra Sekhar
17-Oct-2014Novel synthetic approaches towards heterocycles and carbocycles and their evaluation as potential inhibitors of pde4Bhaskar Kumar, TChandra Sekhar, K B; Srinivasa Rao, M
2-Mar-2016Studying gpi12p an n acetyglucosaminyl phosphadylinisitol nac pi de n acetylase from saccharomyces cerevisieaG. Rajan BhgyasriProf. K.B. Chandra Sekhar and Dr. D.Muralidhara Rao
25-Apr-2018Separation and quantification of impurities in important pharmaceutical drug products by liquid chromatographyCherlopalli BabuDr. K. V.N. Suresh Reddy and Prof. N. Devanna
14-Dec-2015Development and validation of high performance liquid chromatography method for analysis of drugsM. Naresh Chandra ReddyProf. K. B. Chandra Sekhar
26-Apr-2018Synthesis of sulfoximine enclosed heterocyles and a mild efficient n arylation of unprotected sulfonimidamidesSivarama Krishna .BattulaDr. I.E. Chakravarthy and Prof. G.V. Subba Reddy
9-Jun-2015Purity and assay of new analytical method development for anti migraine and alpha reductase drugs by chromatographic techniquesYeruva KotireddyProf. G. V. Subba Reddy and Prof. K.N. Jayaveera
8-Jun-2015Baseline analysis of water soil quality and radioactivity around the new uranium mining site at thummalapalle andhrapradeshN. YasovardhanProf. G.V. Subba Reddy and Prof. S. V. Satyanarayana
10-Nov-2017Method development and validation for the determination of genotoxic impurities in drug using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometryL. Narasimha Rao .KDR. K.V. N. Suresh Reddy and Porf. N. Devanna
13-Oct-2017Synthesis characterization and anti microbial activity of transition metal complexes of schiff base ligandsK. VenkateshProf. K. Mukkanti and Prof. K.B. Chandra Sekhar