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18-Jun-2013Profiling of phenolic compound through UPLC-MS/MS and study on pharmaceutical properties of merremia emarginata ( Burm. F.)Rameshkumar, ASivasudha, T
19-Oct-2016Microbial diversity and population structure analysis of metal resistant microorganisms from contaminated sites for effective sorption of chromium and nickelCongeevaram, ShankarThamaraiselvi, K
27-Jun-2018Identification Boundary Analysis Ecological Evaluation and Management of Selected inland Wetlands of Tiruchirappalli District Tamil Nadu IndiaJOB MARTIN DURAI, A.KALAVATHY, S.
20-Nov-2018Bio conversion of municipal solid wastes and weed plant eichhornia crassipes into biofuels and vermicompostRajeshkumar K.T.Ravichandran, C.
18-Oct-2016Studies on anatomical phytochemical molecular features and in vitro propagation of pseudoglocbidion anamalayanum gambleAnand Gideon, VSebastian Rajasekaran, C
18-Oct-2016Utilization of treated distillery effluent for the growth of marigold _Tagetes erecta L_Thamaraiselvi, CVasanthy, M
18-Oct-2016Recycling and reuse of chromium containing wastewater after treatment with low cost adsorbentsSangeetha, MVasanthy, M
18-Oct-2016Bioaccumulation and physiological impact of lead and chromium on spiralotelphusa hydrodroma _Herbst_Sakundala, REdwin Chandrasekar, G
18-Oct-2016Ecology of waterbodies formed by limestone mining in and around ariyalurSoruba, REbanasar, J
18-Sep-2018Multidimensional analysis of scent sources with behavioural observation in male and female goat Capra hircus pertaining to livestock improvementSANKAR GANESH DACHIRAMAN S