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18-Jun-2013Profiling of phenolic compound through UPLC-MS/MS and study on pharmaceutical properties of merremia emarginata ( Burm. F.)Rameshkumar, ASivasudha, T
6-Jul-2018Profiling of bioactive compounds from Pergularia daemia Forsk Veliparuthi through LC MS analysis and evaluating its anti arthritic potentialARUL ANANTH, D.SIVASUDHA, T.
18-Sep-2018Unraveling the Architecture of Human Cancer Transcriptome using Next Generation SequencingShanker Kalyana SundaramAchiraman S
18-Sep-2018Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles A possible antitumor agent against Daltons Ascites LymphomaSUKIRTHA RACHIRAMAN S
27-Jun-2018Identification Boundary Analysis Ecological Evaluation and Management of Selected inland Wetlands of Tiruchirappalli District Tamil Nadu IndiaJOB MARTIN DURAI, A.KALAVATHY, S.
18-Jun-2019Competence of probiotic bacteria from food source against antibiotic resistant bacteria in poultry wasteElavarasi V.Thamaraiselvi K.
9-Jul-2018Utilizing a few bacteria of rotating biological contactors as a source of polyhydroxyalkanoates for bioplasticsALICE EMERENSHIYA, C.KALAVATHY, S.
12-Jul-2018Sugarcane Bagasse Degradation and Production of Kojic Acid by Aspergillus tamarii and its BioactivityUmasaravanan, D.Babu Rajendran, R.
26-Jul-2018Multidimensional analysis of scent sources with behavioural observation in male and female goat Capra hircus pertaining to livestock improvementSANKAR GANESH, D.ACHIRAMAN, S.
27-May-2019A Study on Landscape Limnology of Loktak Lake in Indo Burma Biodiversity Hotspot RegionRajiv Das KangabamGovindaraju M.