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28-Feb-2018Evaluation Of The Effect Of Functional Contouring Of The Palatal Vault of Maxillary Complete Denture On Clarity Of Speech Sounds In Edentulous Patients An In Vivo StudyGodbole SPakhan A.J.
28-Feb-2018Psychosocial And Socioeconomic Risk Factors Of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma And Their Association With Delay In Diagnosis In Rural AreaLohe V.K.Bhowate R.
6-Mar-2018Studies on Molecular Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections of Central Nervous SystemBhagchandani S.Kashyap R.S.
6-Mar-2018Clinical Effects Of Local Infiltration Of Autologous Platelet Supernatant In Supraspinatus TendinopathySingh P.K.Saxena N.K.
6-Mar-2018Comparative Evaluation Of Computed Tomography Derived Bone Mineral Density Of Mandible With That Of Lumbar Vertebra In Elderly Edentulous Patients And Its Influence On Primary Implant Stability An In Vivo StudyKale S.Pakhan AJ
28-Feb-2018Evaluation Of The Effectiveness And Impact Of Tobacco De Addiction Tool In The Context Of Present Anti Tobacco CampaignsBhargava S.S.Bhowate R.
6-Mar-2018Detection and Characterization Of Human G Type Rotavirus Among Children With Diarrhoea In Rural HospitalChavan N.Tankhiwale N.
6-Mar-2018Histopathological Differentiation Depth Of Tumour Invasion And Lymphatic Spread In Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of Oral Cavity Associated With And Without Oral Submucous FibrosisBhola N.Borle R. M.
6-Mar-2018Role Of Neurobics And Sanskar Remodelling In Diabetic ManagementBiswas D.Nikose. P.A.
6-Mar-2018Comparative Evaluation Of Outcomes Of Platelet Rich Plasma And Platelet Rich Fibrin With Cancellous Bone Grafts In Cases Of Alveolar CleftYadav A.O.Borle R.M.


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