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9-Jan-2019Mechanism of catalytic oxidation of nitric oxide and decomposition kinetics of hydrofluoroethers A density functional approachBhattacharjee, DebajyotiDeka, Ramesh C
9-Jan-2019Studies on development of newer catalytic protocols for oxidative C C and C heteroatom bond formation reactionsMahanta, AbhijitThakur, Ashim Jyoti and Bora, Utpal
25-May-2018Investigation of single ion magnetic anisotropy of seven coordinated complexes of mn ii co ii and ni ii and their application in building heterometallic assembliesDey, MamonGogoi, Nayanmoni
25-Apr-2018Synthesis and characterization of heteroleptic peroxo compounds of niobium V their applications as oxidation catalysts and enzyme inhibitorsGogoi, Sandhya RaniIslam, Nashreen S
25-Apr-2018Synthesis characterization and composition dependent catalytic activity of pd based metal nanoparticlesSaikia, HimadriBharali, Pankaj
25-Apr-2018Exploration of target oriented ionic liquid based systems as efficient catalysts for synthesis of n heterocycles 5 hydroxymethylfurfural and functionalized alkenesGogoi, PinkyBorah, Ruli
25-Apr-2018Synthesis characterization and application of transition metal based layered double hydrxidesBharali, DipshikaDeka, Ramesh C
26-May-2017Environmentally benign hyperbranched polyurethane nanocomposites and their applicationsGogoi, SatyabratKarak, Niranjan
26-May-2017Development of catalytic strategies for one pot synthesis of acridine xanthene and naphthoxazine derivatives using Bronsted Lewis acidic systemsDutta, Arup KumarBorah, Ruli
16-Feb-2017Development of nanoparticle catalysed organic synthesis enhancement nose approach and decontamination of water by inorganic nanoparticlesRaul Prasanta KumarThakur, Ashim Jyoti
16-Feb-2017Hyperbranched polyurethane graphene nanocomposites and their potential applicationsThakur SumanKarak Niranjan
16-Feb-2017A study on removal of fluoride from contaminated waterGogoi SweetyDutta, Robin K
16-Feb-2017Anticancer activity of some newly developed bioactive molecules a density functional approachHussain IftikarDeka, Ramesh Ch
16-Feb-2017Development of polymer nanocomposite based photovoltaic devices with improved efficiencySharma ShyamalimaDolui, S K
16-Feb-2017Development of a polypyrrole supported electrochemical biosensor for Organophosphorous and Organocarbamate pesticidesDutta, Rekha RaniPuzari Panchanan
19-Oct-2016Greener approach for one pot synthesis of quinoline derivatives and some nitrogen containing reaction intermediatesSarma,ParishmitaBorah,Ruli
13-Jun-2016A study of acid_base equilibrium of dyes in aqueous micellar systemsSaikia, PalashmoniDutta, Robin K
13-Jun-2016A study on microemulsion by partition equilibrium methodSarma, SurashreeDutta, Robin K
13-Jun-2016Development of green methodologies for selected organic reactions using solventless techniques or aqueous medium as green solventPhukan, MridulaBorah, Ruli
13-Jun-2016Development of polymer supported Ziegler_Natta catalyst for ethylene polymerization in slurry processKalita, AmarjyotiDoluni, S K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94