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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Dec-2020Methodology development for cross coupling and metal free oxidative transformation reactionsDas, Sameeran KumarBora, Utpal
15-Dec-2020Synthesis characterization and catalytic application of zeolite Y encapsulated Ni II and Co II chiral schiff base complexes and supported Pd based bimetallic nanocatalystsSharma, MukeshBania, Kusum K
15-Dec-2020Imidazole based Ru II para cymene and dicationic Pd II precatalysts for oxidation and hydroxyalkylation reactionDutta, ManaliBania, Kusum K
15-Dec-2020Design synthesis and application of metal oxide based nanocatalystsHazarika, Kumar KashyapBharali, Pankaj
15-Dec-2020Synthesis and characterization of polymer anchored compounds of vanadium V and tantalum V exploration of their catalytic and biochemical potentialSaikia, GangutriIslam, Nashreen S
14-Dec-2020Biobased hyperbranched epoxy thermosetting nanocomposites for multifaceted applicationsSaikia, AditiKarak, Niranjan
26-Nov-2020Preparation and characterization of few biopolymer based sensor interfaces for detection of pesticides and pore forming agentsGogoi, SudarshanPuzari, Panchanan
26-Nov-2020Hetero bimetallic smart materials utilizing metal complexes as precursors for catalytic and photocatalytic applicationsSarmah, KasturiMaji, Tarun K
26-Nov-2020Nanostructured metallovanadates of silver and gold synthesis characterization and their application as environmental catalystDas, BirajBania, Kusum K
15-Sep-2020Magnetostructural study of transition metal complexes and clusters by computational methodsSnigdha, SnigdhaDeka, Ramesh Ch
15-Sep-2020Studies on the development of palladium and copper based nanocatalysts for sustainable Suzuki Miyaura Sonogashira and Chan Lam cross coupling reactionBorah, Raju KumarThakur, Ashim Jyoti
15-Sep-2020Renewable resources derived hyperbranched polyurethane nanocomposites for multi faceted applicationsRajarshi, BayanKarak, Niranjan
15-Sep-2020Theoretical studies on chemistry of divalent carbon and monovalent boron basesBharadwaz, PriyamPhukan, Ashwini K
14-Sep-2020Studies on catalytic properties of graphene and functionalized graphene based nanocompositesSarkar, ChandramaDolui, Swapan K
14-Sep-2020Synthesis characterization and catalytic application of palladium and copper based nanoparticlesBorah, Biraj JyotiBharali, Pankaj
14-Sep-2020Studies on removal of some metal ions from groundwater by oxidation coagulation adsorption at optimized pHBora, Anup JyotiDutta, Robin Kumar
14-Sep-2020Development of carbon based nanomaterials and their applicationsBora,AninditaDolui, Swapan Kumar
11-Sep-2020Polymer immobilized peroxido complexes of titanium IV and Molybdenum VI synthesis characterization and application as eco compatible catalysts in organic oxidationsAhmed, KabirunIslam, Nashreen S
31-Mar-2020Hydrogen bonds in molecular crystals to alter properties and controlling drug polymorph nucleationSaikia, BasantaSarma, Bipul
31-Mar-2020Theoretical studies on the electronic and ligand properties of carbenes and biomimetic model complexes for the active site of fefe hydrogenaseBorthakur, BituponPhukan, Ashwini K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116