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28-Oct-2016Impact of organic matter quality and earthworm inoculation in soil and its role on growth of tea plant camellia assamicaGiri, SohanGuru, B C
26-Oct-2016Age related studies in the liver of the male garden lizard calotes versicolorRao, K LPatnaik, B K
28-Oct-2016The development of welfare administration in a feudatory state a case study of MayurbhanjBehera, JharanaMohanty, Amarendra
27-Jan-2017Seasonal variations in immunological and haematological parameters of carp rohu labeo rohita brood and their modulationDash, SupriyaSwin, Priyabrat
28-Oct-2016Seasonal impact on tropical tasar cocoon biotypes of Antheraea mylitta D and Antheraea paphia L lepidoptera saturniidaeBehera, BhaskarMohanty, P K
28-Oct-2016Developmental perspectives of traditional and modern institutions in a tribal community of Orissa a study of santals and their development in Mayurbnhanj districtMishra, RadhanathMisra, Surya Narayan
28-Oct-2016Studies on the population and biometry of aphis gossypil glov aphididae homoptera insecta on brinjal solanum melongena linnRoy, Dilip KumarBehura, B K
27-Jan-2017Biology of annandale s tree frog chirixalus simus anura: rhacophoridaeDeuti, KaushikDutta, S K
27-Jan-2017Role of parasite complex on the status of as part of riceRao, Y P V JagannadhaRao, Y S
28-Oct-2016Implementations of social security measures a case study of steel industries in Orissa special reference to Rourkela steel plantNaik, Dhirendra NarayanSarkar, P K