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30-Jan-2019Breeding reproduction and development of rana hexadactyla and rana taipehensis Anura RanidaeSingh, Nina KumariDutta, Sushil K
25-Jan-2019Qualitative and quantitative studies on the littoral sedimentary meiofauna of the river kuakhai of Mahanadi river system Orissa IndiaRath, Krishna ChandraSarma, A L N; D G Rao
12-Mar-2020Characterisation of heterochromatin in Orthopteran family acrididae by C N and Ag banding methods and its phylogenetic significanceMohanty, PuspamitraPatnaik, Suresh Chandra
12-Mar-2020Ecology of collembola Apterygota Insecta as influenced by pollution stress due to pesticides in some soils of Eastern OrissaMohanty, Ajaya KumarGuru, BC
12-Mar-2020Studies on some endophytic nematodes associated with tuberose Polianthes tuberosa LMohanty, LaxmipriyaDas, SN
11-Mar-2020Effect of some plant extracts against root knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita affecting blackgramMahapatra, RitaDas, SN
12-Mar-2020Studies on the biochemical tissue composition of air breathing catfish clarias batrachus Linn in relation to artificial feed and ITS reflection on growthMania, JayantiDutta, Haridas
12-Mar-2020Classification and taxonomic studies on Indian Cryptophagidae Coleoptera InsectaBehura, TanujaHejmadi, P Mohanty
12-Mar-2020Survey ecology population dynamics and management of phytonematodes affecting banana in OrissaMohanty, KedareswarRay, Sadasiv
12-Mar-2020Utilisation of rural waterbodies through pisciculture and its impact assessmentParida, Rabi NarayanRuth, RK