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24-Feb-2015Synthesis and biological activities of some heterocyclesPatil, Mahesh NarayanBorse, Amulrao U
24-Feb-2015Synthesis and evalluatiion of biiollogiicall actiiviitiies of biiollogiicall derivatives of carvacrolPete, Umesh DevidasBendre, R S
19-Aug-2015Design synthesis and biological evaluation of novel antifungal agentsHaswani, Nitin GBari, S B
19-Aug-2015Synthesis and characterization of thin films of conducting polymers for gas sensing applicationsBavane, Ravindrakumar GovindraoGore, R B and Mahajan, A M
6-Jan-2015Synthesis and biological activities of some five membered nitrogen heterocyclic compoundsGore, Rambhau PRajput, A P
14-Aug-2014B cyclodextrin as a supramolecular catalyst in the synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compoundsPatil, Dipak RDalal, Dipak S
21-Feb-2017Synthesis characterization and biological screening of nitrogen and sulphur heterocyclesSawale, Archana AnjanPatil, P R
3-Nov-2014Synthesis of organic thin films by dual feed ultrasonic spray method and study of their nanomorphology for application in low cost organic solar cellsLonkar, G SSali, J V
21-Feb-2017Synthesis and characterisation of surfactants as microheterogeneous systems for wet chemical synthesis of nanoparticlesPatil, Hansraj VishwanathKulkarni, R D
21-Feb-2017Synthesis of core shell polymer nanoparticles using microemulsion technique and its application in biodegradable polymer nanocompositesBorane, Mahesh DharmaShimpi, Navinchandra G