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30-Dec-2019studies on the binding interactions and reactions involving bioactive surfactants microstructure dynamics polymerisation and catalyst aspects of bile salt micellesShanthalakshmi GSanthanalakshmi J
21-Nov-2019Preparation characterisation and electrocatalytic application of octacyanomolybdate doped poly 4 vinylpridine modified electrodes ascorbic acid oxidationThangamuthu RChandrasekara Pillai K
24-Dec-2019Synthesis characterization and application of novel multi site phase transfer catalysis in organic reactions a kinetic studyVivekanand P ABalakrishnan T
27-Dec-2019Utilisation of interactions of metal II tetrasulfophthalocyanines and microheterogeneous media catalysis on oxidation reactions involving SO2 H2S phenol and N N dimethyl aniline with micelle immobilised metal II tetrasulfophthalocyanines by fluorescence quenching cyclic voltammetry and UV visible spectroscopyRajendiran NSanthanalakshmi J
30-Dec-2019Organic inorganic and hybrid nanomaterials synthesis characterization and catalysisRangasamy RMurugan E
30-Dec-2019Synthesis characterization and reactivity ratio of phenoxy butoxy methoxy ethyl methacrylate co polymersAnver Basha KBalakrishnan T
30-Dec-2019Studies on the reduction of carbon dioxide by Electrochemical pathway using metal macrocycles as catalystsRani SVijayaraghavan V R
2-Apr-2018Triphase catalysis synthesis and charactersation of polymer supported metal complex catalysts and their application to esterifaction reaction a kinetic studRangasamy KBalakrishnan T
30-Dec-2019Electrochemical studies in micellar media surfactant effects on redox electrochemistry of tris 2 2 bipyridinecobalt II perchlorate and electrocatalytic tic dechlorination of allylchloride and its derivatives mediated by electrogenerated tris 2 2 bipyridinecobalt IMuthuraman GChandrasekara Pillai K
23-Mar-2018Reaction aided by organised assembles in solution studies on the oxidation reaction of some organic substrates in compart mentalised mediaLalitha .KSanthana lakshmi