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3-Nov-2010Diagnosis of human cysticercosis by antigen detection in urine and tearSahu, Priyadarshi SoumyaranjanParija, Subhash Chandra
28-Oct-2010Genetic polymorphism of CYP2D6 in four South Indian statesAbraham, Benny KAdithan, C
28-Oct-2010Influence of honey on the pharmacokinetics of drugsKoumaravelou, KAdithan, C
3-Nov-2010Genetic polymorphisms of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporter protein in the susceptibility to upper aerodigestive tract cancers in a South Indian populationSam, Soya SisyAdithan, C
3-Nov-2010Role of dopamine in ventromedial hypothalamus, nucleus septal lateralis and basolateral amygdala on estrogen-mediated ingestive behaviors and body weight regulation in ovariectomized wistar ratsRao, Bodepudi NarasimhaPal, Gopal Krushna
3-Nov-2010Laboratory diagnosis of amoeblasls by polymerase chain reaction and study of genetic variations in entamoeba isolates from Puducherry, IndiaKhairnar, KrishnaParija, Subhash chandra
28-Oct-2010A study on the relationship among changes in the glycemic, insulinemic states and small intestinal transit under physiological conditions and pharmacological interventions in mice: possible mechanismsReddy, P R Murali KrishnaRamaswamy, S
3-Nov-2010A study of chromosomal and DNA changes in couples with early pregnancy loss through cytogenetic comet assay and micronucleus scoreRajesh, BRao, K Ramachandra
3-Nov-2010Clinical prevalence identification and molecular characterization of aminoglycoside resistant enterococciPrakash, P VittalRao, R Sambasiva
3-Nov-2010lmmunodiagnosis of cystic echinococcosisSwarna, S RParija, S C


Year Completed