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13-May-2013Comparative evaluation of different cyclodextrins and methods of preparations for improving oral bioavailability of BCS class II drugs Saquinavir and RitonavirBharani MadasuRamana Murthy, K V
7-Nov-2013Development and evaluation of taste masked orally disintegrating tablets (ODTS) and dry syrups of fluoroquinolone class drugsPrasad, Ayya RajendraVijaya Ratna, J
13-May-2013Design and statistical optimization of gastric floating matrix tablets of famotidine using polyethylene oxide and glyceryl behenateShailaja PashikantiRamana Murthy, K V
13-May-2013Phytochemical investigation and biological evaluation of some Indian medicinal plantsArchana Swamy, PGirija Sastry, V
18-Dec-2013Production enhancement of Ajmalicine, serpentine and cataranthine by tissue culture technique in Vinca roseaVemugunta RamakrishnaGanapathy, G
18-Dec-2013Synthesis biological and computational evaluation of some new chalcones and 1,5 Benzothiazepenes as potential antimicrobial and cytotoxic agentsPrasad, ChepurupalliRajendra Prasad, Y
18-Dec-2013Pharmacognostic, Gastroprotective, Antioxidant and Anthelmentic studies on three medicinal plants of AnnonaceaGrandhi, SurendraGangarao, B; Satyanarayana, T
18-Dec-2013Investigation of Pharmacological activities, formulations of liposomes and pharmacokinetic studies of lignans from aerial parts of Phyllanthus AmarusMadhukiran, ParvathaneniGanga Rao, B
18-Dec-2013Assesment of prediabetes in students (18-35 years) of Andhra university, Viskhapatnam, IndiaVeera, Raghavulu BitraAnnapurna, A
18-Dec-2013New validated stability indicating RP-HPLC and LC-MS/MS methods for the determination of some selected drugs in their formulations and in human plasmaSaritha PavuluriGirija Sastry, V