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10-Mar-2016Synthesis and characterization of some copolymer of acrylic monomer grafted on natural and semi synthetic starch as novel excipients of drug delivery systemKumar, PankajGanure, Ashok Laxmanrao
10-Mar-2016Antidiabetic activity and phytochemical investigation of argemone mexicana L and hyptis suaveolens L in experimetal modelsNayak, Praveen SinghKar, Durga Madhab
25-Jun-2013Formulation and development of Bi-layer solid dosage form of Losartan potassium containing an immediate release layer and a slow release layerBiswal, IpsitaChowdary, K A; Si, S C
21-Jun-2016Study on medicinal interest of synthesized azo based heterocyclic compoundsSahoo, JyotirmayaKumar, P Sudhir
16-Jun-2015Phytopharmacological evaluation of certain economically viable plants used in control of DiabetesVerma, NeerajGupta, Amresh and Sahu, Pratap Kumar
23-May-2017Process optimization of tablet compression and coating of some model formulations using quality by design approachNayak, Bikash KumarElchidana, Parizad and Sahu, Pratap Kumar
23-May-2017Transcorneal permeation of diclofenac from film formulation in presence of triethanolamine and benzalkonium chlorideMohapatra, RajaramMallick, Subrata
23-May-2017Mucoadhesive microemulsion drug delivery system design and development for the brain delivery of NSAIDs for the treatment of Parkinson s diseaseMandal, SurjyanarayanSubudhi, Bharat Bhusan
2-May-2013Investigation of the hypoglycemic/antidiabetic potential and toxicity profile of some plants in control of blood glucose level in experimental animal modelsLaxmidhar MaharanaSudam, Chandra Si; Sahu, Pratap Kumar
21-Feb-2017Evaluation of anti hyperglycemic potential of some traditionally used plants in different experimental modelsRout, Soumya PrakashDurga Madhab Kar