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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Sep-2019Structural and spectroscopic studies of rare earth ions doped zincborophosphate glassesHima Bindu SLinga Raju Ch
17-Sep-2019Structural and spectroscopic investigations of PbO GeO2 SiO2 Nb2O5 glass system and doped with VI B group transition metal oxidesNarendrudu, ThiriveedhiRao, Krishna D
17-Sep-2019Investigations on molecular interactions in the Binary liquid mixtures of ionic liquid 1 butyl 3 methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate BMIM bf4 and some substituted pyrrolidones using acoustic thermodynamic and FT IR studiesRao, Govardhana SRao, Subba B
17-Sep-2019Structural and spectral properties of Zn3 PO42 ZnO nanopowders doped with Ti3 VO2 Mo5 and W5 ionsKarra, SatyavathiCole, Sandhya
17-Sep-2019Estimation of trace elements in anti epileptic medicinal plants using energy dispersive x ray fluorescenceBabu, Giridhar NDas, Lakshmana N
17-Sep-2019Luminescent studies of rare earth doped phosphors for CRT applicationsRao, SrinivasaRao, Subba B
17-Sep-2019Development and characterization of pan based gel polymer electrolytes for polymer battery applicationsNadella, Krishna JyothiMurty, Narayana P
17-Sep-2019Structure property relationships of Fe2O3 CoO and NiO doped oxyfluorophosphate glassesJohnson BRao, Srinivasa G
17-Sep-2019Studies on the growth and characterization of pure and rare earth doped nonlinear optical organometallic crystals of MMTC MMTD ZCTC and ATCCBhushan Kumar LCole, Sandhya
17-Sep-2019Characterization and spectroscopic investigations of multi component CaF2 Bi2O3 P2O5 B2O3 glass ceramics doped with some 3d transition metal oxides as nucleating agentSuresh SRao, Krishna D
15-Jan-2018Physical and spectral studies of transition metal ions doped lithium potassium borate glassesRao, Srinivasa GMurty, Narayana T
10-Jan-2018Physical proprties of oligomers polymersRao, Raghavemdra AMurty, Rama V
10-Jan-2018Influence of sno2 dopant on dielectric properties of glass system and the emission features of er and gd ions sensitized with sn ions in glass systemPuli, RajanikanthVeeraiah, N
10-Jan-2018Role of some metal ions on the structure degradation and in vitro bioactivity of glass systemMohini, Jagan GBaskaran, Sahaya G
10-Jan-2018Influence of transition metal ions doping on structural optical and magnetic properties of zno cds composite nanopowdersRao, Thirumala GRavikumar, R V S S N
10-Jan-2018Effect of divalent and trivalent transition metal ion dopants on cdo zns nanocompositeStella, Joyce RRavikumar, R V S S N
10-Jan-2018Ultrasonic volumetric and viscometric investigations in some binary liquid mixturesNayeem, MdRao, Krishna D
10-Jan-2018Mechanochemical synthesis and spectral characterizations of transition metal ions doped ca li hydroxyapatite nanopowdersRavindranadh KRao, Chimpiri M
10-Jan-2018Determination of liquid crystal parameters through image analysisMalikaa, KSastry, Sreehari S
10-Jan-2018Image analysis investigations on some ferroelectric liquid crystalsRao, Gowri Sankara BSastry, Sreehari S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 112