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30-Mar-2020Green synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles by using indian plants physicochemical characterization and screening for their biological and catalytic activitiesBonigala, BodaiahPoda, Sudhakar
30-Mar-2020Multiple etiopathological biomarker factors and viruses in oral squamous cell carcinomaGadde, SamataSuryanarayana, V
30-Mar-2020Studies on molecular genetic diversity between important asiatic chickens using dna marker analysisAlatafi, Ahmed Kareem HusseinKasturi, K
30-Mar-2020Assessment of anti cancer activity of structurally characterized phytochemicals and synthesized agnps from alphonsea sclerocarpa thawJoshi, Siva Durga SumanKrishna Satya, A
30-Mar-2020Isolation transportation in vitro expansion and molecular characterization of human cadaver derived retinal pigment epithelium employing a novel thermo reversible gelation polymerKumar, R SenthilAbraham, Samuel JK
30-Mar-2020Studies on biochemical bone markers in comparison with whole body skeletal scintigraphy in detecting bone metastasis of breast and prostate cancersSarvari, B K DMastan, S A
30-Mar-2020Development of novel typing technique and molecular characterization for canine parvovirusNaidu, G HariprasadSrinivasan, V A
30-Mar-2020Development of a high yield expression system for the production of recombinant human gm csf protein for therapeutic applicationsBajji, ChitraTummuru, Murali K R
30-Mar-2020Next generation sequencing based mapping of genomic regions associated with grain zinc content in rice Oryza sativa LPulagam, Madhu BabuBabu, V Rabindra and Neeraja C N
30-Mar-2020Identification and structural characterization of phytocompounds inhibiting venom components of naja najaN, Ratnakar Reddi K VSatya, A Krishna