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17-Jan-2020Studies on epidemics of HIV 1 in panama molecular epidemiology antiretroviral drug resistance and phylodynamics of HIV 1 subtype bHernandez, Yaxelis Grizel MendozaPascale, Juan Miguel
17-Jan-2020Solubility and bio availability enhancement of olmesartan medoxomil and formulation and in vitro evaluation of deflazacort matrix tabletsO KumarPrameela Rani A
17-Jan-2020Development of biodegradable controlled release injectable in situ gels for treatment of periodontal diseasesYada, Kiran KumarKatakam, Prakash
17-Jan-2020Discovery and development of molecular tools for studying the genetic diversity of leishmania panamensisArboleda, Carlos Mario RestrepoCruz, Ricardo Lleonart Cruz
17-Jan-2020Immunological and antioxidative responses during dietary protein supplementation in head and neck cancer patients with some observations on DNA repair gene polymorphismChukka, KereenaVishnuvardhan Z
17-Jan-2020A study on pharmacognostic phytochemical and pharmacological profiles with emphasis on antioxidant and organ protective potential of amaranthus gangeticus Linn and amaranthus retroflexus linnPandit, JyotiSetty, Ramachandra S
17-Jan-2020Biochemical and in silico studies of prostate specific antigen a potent marker for breast cancerPavithra VKasturi K
17-Jan-2020Studies on pharmacological evaluation and nanoparticle characterization of trichodesma indicum LNarendra, KumaraSatya, Alapati Krishna
17-Jan-2020Studies on the formulation and evaluation of controlled release mucoadhesive microspheres of pioglitazone HCl by various techniquesSriram NKatakam,, Prakash
17-Jan-2020Evaluation of anti arthritic anti ulcer Anti inflammatory and anti diabetic activities of momordica cymbalariaReddy, Poli PRao, Venkateshwar J