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1-Dec-2016Studies on evaluation of adsorption isotherms rate kinetics thermodynamic properties and optimization by differential evolution for the better biosorption of heavy toxic metals: Chromium and lead by saccharomyces cerevisiaeRao, G VenkataRao, V Madhusudhana
13-Apr-2015Studies on the effect of phosphorus molybdenum and vermin compost on the growth and yield in kharif and rabi groundnut arachis hypogaea iReddy, Narsimha SSri Rama Murthy, K
13-Apr-2015Studies on enhancement of dissolution rate and bioavailability of selected bcs class ii drugs through solid dispersion technologiesMuralidhar, SuripeddiRao, Devala G
30-Mar-2020Green synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles by using indian plants physicochemical characterization and screening for their biological and catalytic activitiesBonigala, BodaiahPoda, Sudhakar
30-Mar-2020Multiple etiopathological biomarker factors and viruses in oral squamous cell carcinomaGadde, SamataSuryanarayana, V
30-Mar-2020Studies on molecular genetic diversity between important asiatic chickens using dna marker analysisAlatafi, Ahmed Kareem HusseinKasturi, K
1-Dec-2016Studies on influence of electrolytes on the design of controlled release matrix tablets of verapamil hydrochloride and losartan potassiumBabu, J RameshRao, G Devala
1-Dec-2016Development and validation of spectrophotometric HPLC and LC MS methods for the analysis of selected drugs in their formulations and biologicalSekaran, Chandra BalaRani, A Prameela
6-Dec-2016Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new chalcones and heterocyclics containing nitrogenShaik, Abdul RahamanPrasad, Y Rajendra
1-Dec-2016Molecular characterization of mutant genes and identification of dairy animal carriers for autosomal recessive disordersPatel, Rajesh KumarRao, K R S Sambasiva