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26-Mar-2020A modified k means clustering and linear regression algorithms to assess quality of bibliometric indices versus citation parameters of journalsAnnapurna, B.Naidu, M.M.
26-Mar-2020A study of efficiency of kernels with support vector machines in 3d face and ear recognition biometricsRatnam, Abburi Srirama KanakaBabu, I.Ramesh
30-Mar-2020Development of software maintenance prediction models through architecture transformationReddy, Pamulapati Ashokk.rajasekhara rao, K Rajasekhara
30-Mar-2020Improved and efficient intelligent educational system using open resourcesKhamees, Ruaa AliPrasad, R Satya
30-Mar-2020Exploratory node eminence state based secure routing strategies for mobile adhoc networksGoviraboyina, Soma SekharReddy, E Sreenivasa
24-Mar-2020Software reliability measures based on linear failure rate modelBoyapati, Vara Prasad RaoRao, Kancharla Gangadhara
30-Mar-2020Information retreival methodologies from the legal precedents related to dowry crimes in indian territory A comprehensive studyKrishna, B V RamaRao, B Basaveswara
30-Mar-2020A unified framework for privacy preserving data mining using computational intelligence techniquesGadupudi, KalyaniRao, M V P Chandra Sekhara
30-Mar-2020Rapid detection of cancer cells using clustering techniquesSuneetha, MarriPrasad, R Satya
30-Mar-2020Analysis of spectrum management with opportunistic access in cognitive radio networks using m d 1 queuing modelKwesigabo, Edwin MarcoRao, Kancharla Gangadhara