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25-Jan-2017Phyto chemical investigation on caralluma umbellata haw and development of new synthetic methodologiesBabu, K SureshSivarambabu, S
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective total synthesis of some bioactive natural products containing a B unsaturated lactone moiety and development of new synthetic methodologiesVeeranjaneyulu, BoyapatiDas, Biswanath
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective synthesis of amphidinolide T1 and development of novel methodologiesReddy, SureshYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of biologically active natural products and development of new synthetic methodologiesRajesh, KVenkateswaralu, Yenamanda
25-Jan-2017Development of new synthetic methodologies based on Baylis Hillman chemistry along with investigation on novel natural anticancer agentsMajhi, AnjoyDas, Biswanath
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of amberketal its analogues and development of new methodologies in Ionic liquidsBaishya, GakulYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Development of new synthetic methodologies using heterogeneous catalysts or polyethylene glycol and chemical investigation on natural lactonic compoundsReddy, V SaidiDas, Biswanath
25-Jan-2017Studies towards the synthesis of noscapine and development of new methodologiesEeshwaraiah, BegariYadav, J S
6-Dec-2016Synthetic studies towards Galanthamine Terpendole design of norbornene derived peptides and development of novel methodologiesBasu, DebjitChandrasekhar, S
25-Jan-2017Chemoenzymatic synthesis of biologically active entities synthesis of both the stereoisomers of dihydrokawain 5 OL and development of novel synthetic methodologiesKrishnaji, TadiparthiKamal, Ahmed