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25-Jan-2016Development of advanced liquid chromatographic and powder x ray diffraction methods for the determination of selected drugs and application of spectroscopic and thermal methods for identification and characterization of impuritiesReddy, Bhimireddy Venkata RamiRambabu, C
27-Jan-2016New re hplc method development and validation for analysis of selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical formulationsPhani Kumar, VSunandamma, Y
25-Jan-2016Development and validation of new visible spectrophotometric and rp hplc assay methods for selected drugs in pure and dosage formulationsKiran Kumar, KVenkata Nadh, R
25-Jan-2016Validation and development of novel analytical rp hplc methods for the assay of selected drugs in pharmaceutical dosage formLatha, Kavuluri PushpaRamachandran, D
10-Jan-2018Development and validation of new uv vis spectrophotometric and rp hplc methods for the assay of some selected drugs in active pharmaceutical ingradients and in pharmaceuticalsRao, Mohana SRamachandran, N
10-Jan-2018Development of interpenetrating polymernetwork micro particulate drug formulations and their controlled release characteriticsEspenti, Chandra SekhaRaju, Ramesh R
10-Jan-2018Design and development of novel synthetic methods involving transformations leading to the molecules of potential pharmacological significanceGondrala, Pavan KumarRao, Basaveswara M V
25-Jan-2016Development and validation of rp hplc Methods for the simultaneous estimation of some Important binary and trinary drug combinationsRama Krishna, VHari Babu, B
10-Jan-2018Development and validation of few simple and sensitive analytical methods for the detemination of some selected drugs in single and in combined dosage formsRao, Tirumaleswara BRambabu C
10-Jan-2018Development and validation of stability indicating rp hplc methods for the determination of selected drugs in pure and pharmaceutical dosage formsReddy, Bhimireddy Rc SekharRao, Nallagatla Vijaya Bhaskar