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25-Jan-2016Spectrophotometric methods for trace metal ions in environmental samplesKondapavuluri, MadhaviSaraswathi, K
25-Jan-2016Development and validation of new visible spectrophotometric and rp hplc assay methods for selected drugs in pure and dosage formulationsKiran Kumar, KVenkata Nadh, R
25-Jan-2017Development of novel sensitive visible spectrophotometric and high performance liquid chromatographic methods for the assay of some drugs in bulk and pharmaceutical formulationsReddy, Bhimireddy SrinivasaRao, Battula Sreenivasa
10-Jan-2018New vislble spectrophotometric and stability indicating rp hplc methods for the determination and validation of some selected drugs in pure and dosage formsRao, Venkateswara LBabu, Raam
25-Jan-2017Extraction spectrophotometric studies on 4 2 phridylazo resorcinol complexes of palladium II vanadium V and indium III as ion association systems and their analytical applicationsSekhar, Kavipurapu ChandraAnjaneyulu, Y
25-Jan-2017Quantitative analysis of some antiretroviral drugs by spectrophotometric and RP HPLC methods in pure and dosage formsBabu, A BikshamRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Studies of HPLC and spectrophotometric methods for the assay of selected drugs in pure and dosage formsLakshmi, V NagaRambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Extraction spectrophotometric studies on the ternary complexes of Hg II and Zn II and their analytical applicationsMouli, P ChandraAnjaneyulu, Y
25-Jan-2017Studies on the various chromogenic reagents in spectrophotometric determination of selected drugs in bulk and formulationsJyothirmayee, C ARambabu, C
25-Jan-2017Studies on development and validation of analytical procedures for the estimation of selected drugs through RP-HPLC and spectrophotometic methodsMadhavi, Alavala SivaSatyanarayana, P V V