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25-Jan-2017synthesis reactivity and anticancer evaluation of novel derivatives of aromatic dicarbaldehydesRosaiah, J NagaSashidhara, K V
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and bioactive studies of some new C methylated bioactiveBabu, Ala VasuBabu, B Hari
25-Jan-2017Studies directed towards the total synthesis of bafilomycin A1 and development of new methodologiesReddy, K BhaskarYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of achaetolide pectinolide-A pectinolide-H and asymmetric Michael reactions using carbohydrate-pyrrolidine based organocatalystBalaji, S VChandrasekhar, S
30-Dec-2016Enantioselective total synthesis of Diospongins towards the enantioselective total synthesis of solandelactones and an expedient synthesis of Eantioenriched substituted Benzofuran YL Aryl and heteroaryl carbinolsGajula, RamakrishnaKumaraswamy, G
30-Dec-2016Design and synthesis of new molecules based on thiolactomycin as potential antitubercular antimalarial agents and enatioselective synthesis of 3R 4R 3S 4S DihydroxypyrrolidinesAzeeza, ShaikKamal, Ahmed
30-Dec-2016Synthesis and bioactive studies of some new C methylated flavonoidsBabu, Ala VasuBabu, B Hari
6-Dec-2016Synthesis stereochemistry and biological activity studies on Aurones and IsoauronesKrishna, Panchagnula GopalaSubbaraju, G V
10-Jan-2018Synthesis characterization and evaluation of antibacterial activities of various series of hydrazone derivativesRao, Yatcherla SrinivasaBabu, Hari B
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of novel heterocyclic molecules having benzoxazinone indole oxadiazole hiadiazole and triazole moietiesLuther, Bethala JawaharRao, Basaveswara M V