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25-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterization of new nanometerials and study of their propertiesRao, Tata KondalaMurthy, Y L N
25-Jan-2017Isolation characterization chemical transformation and total synthesis of natural products of biological importanceNarender, TadigoppulaNarender, T
25-Jan-2017Isolation of high value bio chemicals from Tobacco waste synthesis characterization of ubiquinone CoQ10 and development of analytical methods for process related impuritiesMahendra, KolisettiMadhavi, N
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of amberketal its analogues and development of new methodologies in Ionic liquidsBaishya, GakulYadav, J S
15-Aug-2015Synthesis Characterization and Bioevaluation of Five and Six membered Hetrocycles Containing HeteroatomsSatyanarayana, BRamachandran, D
30-Dec-2016Phytochemical investigation and synthesis of some bioactive labdane diterpenes from the rhizomes of hedychium spicatumReddy, P PrabhakarRao, J Madhusudana
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of biologically active natural products and development of new synthetic methodologiesSuresh, VangaruVenkateswaralu, Y
1-Sep-2015Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Anti Inflammation and Anti Cancer CompoundsRao, Ravada SuryachandraTrimurtulu, G
1-Sep-2015Synthesis of New Amino Acids Peptides Pebtides Boronated Unsaturated Amnio Esters and Their DerivativesSridhar, TailorSharma, G V M
10-Jan-2018Synthesis characterization and biological activity studies of some novel mono di cmethylated chalcones and flavonoidsKasthuri, Jyothi KumariBabu, Hari B