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10-Jan-2018Synthesis characterization and biological activity studies of some novel mono di cmethylated chalcones and flavonoidsKasthuri, Jyothi KumariBabu, Hari B
25-Jan-2017Studies towards the synthesis of noscapine and development of new methodologiesEeshwaraiah, BegariYadav, J S
30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and biological evaluation of new pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepines as antimitotic and anticancer agentsBalakishan, GorreKamal, Ahmed
30-Dec-2016Synthesis and spectral characterization of novel organophosphorus compoundsVenkateswarlu, C HSatyanarayana, P V V
25-Jan-2017Synthesis of biologically active natural products synthesis and resolution of novel dibenzofuranylethyl amine multicomponent construction of new heterocyclic scaffolds and synthesis of chromogenic azacrown etherSrinivasu, V N VSrinivas, K
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective total synthesis of bioactive natural product Dodoneine and studies towards the synthesis of paecilomycin A Aigilomycin B and pladienolides A and BKanaparthy, SuneelDas, Biswanath
25-Jan-2017Chemoenzymatic synthesis of biologically active entities synthesis of both the stereoisomers of dihydrokawain 5 OL and development of novel synthetic methodologiesKrishnaji, TadiparthiKamal, Ahmed
25-Jan-2017Total synthesis of pachastrissamine C10 C24 fragment of cannabisa tivine and asymmetric Michael reactions using proline based organocatalystTiwari, BhoopendraChandrasekhar, S
25-Jan-2017Studies directed towards the synthesis of clonostachydiol bryostatin and nucleophilic addition reactions of p-quinonesTallapally, SwamyYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017synthesis reactivity and anticancer evaluation of novel derivatives of aromatic dicarbaldehydesRosaiah, J NagaSashidhara, K V