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30-Mar-2020Synthesis and characterization of capped silver nanoparticles through green and chemical reduction methods study of their applicationsSarada, RSyama Sundar B
4-Apr-2020Synthesis and anti cancer evaluation of Oxadiazoles chalcone incorporated quinazoline pyridine incorporated chalcone derivatives and synthesis of 2 halo aromatic isothiocyanates by iodine catalyzed desulphurization strategySapavat, MadhaviRamesh Raju R
30-Mar-2020Design synthesis and structure activity relationship of pharmaceutically active compounds for gpr 40 receptorGudla, Chandra SekharNagarajan, A
30-Mar-2020Potable water quality in the vicinity of Champavathi River Vizianagaram district Andhra PradeshKumar, Sitarama Pavan G.V.Ramakrishna, K.
30-Mar-2020Synthesis characterization and antibacterial activity of some novel benzo b furan chalcones hydrazones methanones and benzosuberone amide derivativesVuyyuru, Krishna ReddyRao, J. Venkateswara
30-Mar-2020Development and validation of lc ms ms and Rp hplc based analytical and bioanalytical methods for pharmaceutical formulationsSubhashini E H VijayaSyama Sundar B
30-Mar-2020Bisnucleophilic Substitution' as the synthetic tool for the ready access to some piperidine alkaloids (+)-coniine, (+)-╬▓-conhydrine , (+)-8- ethylnorlobelol and (-)-8-epi-halosaline; Total synthesis of bioactive natural products: (6Z,9S)-3,4-trans-9-hydroxy-3-methyldodec-cis-6-en-4- olide and (6Z)-3,4-trans-9-oxo-3-methyldodec-cis-6-en-4-olide ╬│butyrolactones; and Passerini multicomponent reactions using Sugar derived chiral isonitrilesRaju, GallaFrsc, Radhakrishna P
31-Mar-2020isolation of phytochemical constituents from bhallataka and synthesis of bhallataka biodiesel biolubricants novel applications and their biological activitiesPadmavathi, VustelamuriRao, Bhattiprolu Kesava
30-Mar-2020Spectrophotometric determination of some metal ions using 3 4 dihydroxy benzaldehyde 1 3 chloro 2 quinoxalinyl hydrazone and 3 4 dihydroxy benzaldehyde thio semi carbazone in micellar mediaRaju, Makaraju MongalaliRamakrishna, K
30-Mar-2020Method development validation and forced degradation studies of some drugs in combined formulations by using isocratic rp hplcAdilakshmi, G VSatyanarayana, P V V