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30-Dec-2016Physicochemical and antimicrobial activity studies of the ternary complexes Cu II and Hg II with 8 hydroxyquinoline and various salicylic acidsSwamy, R YAnjaneyulu, Y
30-Dec-2016Design and synthesis of potential antileishmanial agentsSrinivas, NagarapuBhandari, Kalpana
11-Dec-2014Synthesis and biological evalution of new class of 2h chromene substituted 1,2,4 ; 1,3,4 oxadiazoles and ureide derivatives of pyrimidinopiperidinesReddy, M SivanagiBabu, B Hari
11-Dec-2014Acoustic, thermodynamic, spectral andtransport studies of molecular interactions in certain binary liquid mixtures of n methyl 2 pyrrolidoneKumar, Bala KarunaRambabu, C and Rao, G Srinivasa
11-Dec-2014Method development and validation of active pharmaceutical ingredients in formulations, process related impurities and biological fluidsPrasanthi, K JayaSundar, B Syama
18-Feb-2015Applications of silica supported sodium hydrogen sulphate as a heterogeneous catalyst in organic synthesisKannasani, Ravi kumarSatyanarayana, P V V
30-Dec-2016Substituent effects kinetics and mechanism oxidation of some ARYL thiosacetic acids by thallium IIISaradhi, Ch VijayaSatyanarayana, P V V
25-Jan-2017Chemical examination of ventilago bombaiensis DALZ And Rhamnus Wightii WIGHT and ARNBabu, P SridharaRao, K V Jagannadha
25-Jan-2017Kinetics and mechanism of some oxidation and reduction reactionsNeeraja, VSundar, B Syama
25-Jan-2017Studies on the solvent extraction of salicylic thiosalicylic and anthranilic acid complexes of Nickel II in the presence of some nitrogen bases Comparison of oxygen sulphur and nitrogen donor atomsRatnam, E SeshaRao, V Pandu Ranga