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30-Dec-2016Design synthesis and anticancer evaluation of DNA interactive pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzodiazepine hybrids chrysin conjugates and preparation of some bioactive heterocyclesRamana, A VenkataKamal, Ahmed
25-Jan-2016Studies towards the synthesis of Biselyngbyaside and b c6f5 3 catalysisGontla, RajeshChandrasekhar, S
15-Aug-2015Radical Cylization Routes to the Synthesis of a Methylene CIS Fused Bicylic Systems Synthesis of Osmundalactone its Epimer and Butyro lactone Moiety of Angiopterlactone AChary, Devoju HarinadaSharma, G V M
30-Dec-2016Design and synthesis of potential antileishmanial agentsSrinivas, NagarapuBhandari, Kalpana
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective synthesis of colletol bulgecinine and D chitaric acidChary, JanardhanaYadav, J S
25-Jan-2017Synthesis of Macrosphelide M 6 O benzoylzelenol C linked carbo b22 amino acids and b22 peptidesReddy, Post SaiShrama, G V M
25-Jan-2017Design synthesis and biological evaluation of new azole heterocyclesRam, Kesur RajadeMurty, M S R
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and spectral characterization of novel organophosphorus compoundsVenkateswarlu, C HSatyanarayana, P V V
10-Jan-2018Synthesis and characterization of ruthenium and porphyrin based sensitizers for dye sensitized solar cell applicationsSreenivasu, MareeduRao, Vijaya Bhaskar N
25-Jan-2017Stereoselective synthesis of functionalized trisubstituted olefins including some insects pheromones and bioactive molecules using Baylis-Hillman protocol and development of new synthetic methodologiesChowdhury, NikhilDas, Biswanath