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25-Jan-2017Studies on defluoridation and detoxification of copper using various carbons prepared from plant materials as low cost adsorbentsRaju, K A RamaRao, K Somasekhara
25-Jan-2017Studies on synthesis of stereochemically pure highly functionalized tetrahydrofurans of biological importance from carbohydratesReddy, Poreddy VenkatShaw, Arun Kumar
25-Jan-2017Synthesis and structural studies of peptides containing A and b phenylalanines furan amino acid pyrrole amino acid and the first total synthesis of proximicin A B and CRao, Kolla SrivasaChakraborty, T K
25-Jan-2017Phase transition studies on liquid crystalline Schiffs basesRao, K RamakrishnaBaliah, V
25-Jan-2016Studies towards the synthesis of Biselyngbyaside and b c6f5 3 catalysisGontla, RajeshChandrasekhar, S
30-Dec-2016Studies on the antidiabetic potential of coccinia grandis in alloxan treated albino RatsRao, S SrinivasaSatyanarayana, P V V
20-Apr-2017Biochemical studies on the hypoglycemic effect of ficus benghalensis in streptozotocin treated albino ratsNagalakshmi, G Ch DSatyanarayana, P V V
25-Jan-2017Geochemical studies for hydrocarbon exploration near Shri Ganga Nagar in northern part of Bikaner Nagaur Basin Rajasthan IndiaRao, P Lakshmi SrinivasaSundar, B Syama
30-Dec-2016Physicochemical and antimicrobial activity studies of the ternary complexes Cu II and Hg II with 8 hydroxyquinoline and various salicylic acidsSwamy, R YAnjaneyulu, Y
25-Jan-2017Studies directed towards the total synthesis of bafilomycin A1 and development of new methodologiesReddy, K BhaskarYadav, J S