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24-Nov-2016Generation of GIS based spatial information system for rural development in the hilly terrain of Pune district MaharashtraChaudhari, Rajashree D.Gaikwad, Sunil W.
15-Mar-2018Synthesis characterization and bioactivity study of benzamides their metal complexes and screening of Ipomoea carneaKhatiwora ElijaKashalkar Rajashree V. and Deshpande Nirmala R.
27-Aug-2019Synthesis and characterization of substituted chalcones_ their metal complexes and screening of medicinal plant embelia speciesKamble, Gayatri SSalvekar, Jyoti P and Deshpande, Nirmala R
15-Apr-2016Study of physicochemical behavior of antiviral and cardiovascular drugs using HPLC and mass spectrometryTushar V. GadkariSalvekar Jyoti P. and Deshpande Nirmala R.
11-Oct-2017Geomorphological assessment of groyne type bunds and their impact on Varsoli Creek MaharashtraGurav, Raju ShamraoKarlekar, S N
11-Oct-2017Production and marketing of arecanut a case study of South CanaraRavindra KumarJoshi, Sharad Shankar
11-Sep-2019Isolation_characterization_structure determination and X_ray diffraction study of components from mimusops species and artemisia species with activity studyRuikar, Anjali DDeshpande, Nirmala R and Puranik, Vedavati G
11-Sep-2019Study of transfer hydrogenation reactions with heterogeneous catalyst using carbon from various natural resourcesBhave, Ashish AKashalkar, Rajashree V and Deshpande Nirmala R
11-Sep-2019Synthesis of ligands like 1_2_diols_their metal complexes with bioactivity study and phytochemical screening of medicinal plants_juglans regia and Mimusops elengiKale, Asha ASalvekar, Jyoti P and Deshpande, Nirmala R
2-Aug-2019Isolation and characterization of compounds from Ehretia laevis and Tecoma stans with activity study and adsorption study of charcoal from an agricultural waste materialTorane, Rasika CDeshpande, Nirmala R