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22-Jun-2020Quorum sensing in thermophiles characterization of autoinducer 2 system in meiothermus ruber and thermus thermophilus Its inhibition and application in pulp and paper industryAmandeep KaurSharma, Prince and Capalash, Neena
25-Mar-2020Molecular mimicry between bacteria and sperm immobilization factor binding receptors and its role in infertilityThaper, DeepaliVijay Prabha and Rahi, D.K.
25-Mar-2020Lactic acid bacteria producing extracellular phytase isolation characterization and application in improving the nutritional quality of foodSharma, NehaGupta, Naveen and Kondepudi, Kanthi Kiran
25-Mar-2020Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Nitrate Reductase from Penicillium Oxalicum Grs1 and evaluation of their protective efficacy against Salmonella infectionGaurav KumarSoni, S.K. ; Rishi, Praveen and Soni, Raman
24-Jan-2020Multicopper oxidase from Acinetobacter baumannii heterologous expression characterization and role in virulenceKavleen KaurSharma, Prince and Capalash, Neena
24-Jan-2020Evaluation of metabiotics as antitumorigenic agent in experimental colorectal carcinogenesis an alternative biological therapySharma, MridulShukla, Geeta
26-Aug-2019Assessment of the role of uropathogens in reproductive performance of male miceRana, KalpanaVijay Prabha
27-Jun-2019Isolation purification and evaluation of postbiotics as an antibiofilm strategySharma, VivekShukla, Geeta
17-Jun-2019Development of enzyme based hair dyeing process application of an alkaline bacterial laccase for hydrogen peroxide free hair coloringDeepak KumarGupta, Naveen and Sharma, Prince
4-Jun-2019Production of exopolysaccharides by autochthonous species of white rot fungi and evaluation of important industrial applicationsMalik, DeepikaRahi, Deepak Kumar and Vijay Prabha
4-Jun-2019Cloning and overexpression of gene encoding sperm immobilizing factor from escherichia coli and its efficacy as a contraceptive agentMonikaVijay Prabha
11-Apr-2019Studies on development of bioreceptors functionalized nanobioprobes for the detection of Salmonella sppPreeti KumariSuri, C Raman and Rishi, Praveen
21-Dec-2018Bioremediation of sea food waste by a marine isolate and concomitant production of chitinase having biotechnological applicationsAditya KumarGupta, Naveen and Sharma, Prince
16-Nov-2018Prophylactic potentials of probiotics lactobacillus rhamnosus gg and lactobacillus acidophilus in conjunction with NSAID celecoxib in experimental colorectal cancerSharaf, Leila KaeidShukla, Geeta and Seema Kumari
17-Aug-2018Diversity of bacterial laccase like multi copper oxidase in the activated sludge of pulp and paper industry and hot spring soils and its application in deinking of waste paperVijayaSharma, Prince; Capalash, Neena and Gupta, Naveen
9-Aug-2018Evaluation of pregnancy outcome after intravaginal inoculation with various uropathogenic microorganisms an in vivo experimental studyVander, HarpreetVijay Prabha
27-Jul-2018Production of non traditional wines from syzygium cumini and assessment of their medicinal efficacies in animal modelSwami, UrvashiSoni, S.K. and Rishi, Praveen
5-Apr-2018Phage borne endolysin production purification characterisation and its potential in treating mrsa biofilms and burn wound infectionShivaniChibber, Sanjay
24-Jul-2017Coproduction of multiple fungal carbohydrases for improved ethanol productivity by simultaneously targeting starchy and non starchy polysaccharides of cerealsRana, Susheel SinghSoni, S.K.
2-Jun-2016Expression of iron regulated outer membrane proteins in escherichia coli and their potential for preventive intervention in urinary tract infectionsSharma, RakeshSharma, Saroj
Collection's Items (Sorted by Upload Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 87