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Researcher: K.NAGASHRI
Guide(s): Dr. J. Joseph
University: Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education
Completed Date: 27/07/2013
Abstract: ABSTRACT newlineIn the design of biologically active metallo-organic molecules, the choice of newlineappropriate ligands (particularly heterocylic molecules) is of vital importance, which newlineaffect the thermodynamic and kinetic stability as well as solubility and lipophilicity of the newlinemetal complexes. In the search for potential chemotherapeutic agents, a considerable newlineeffort has been made on the design and development of chemotherapeutic agents that newlinecontain heterocyclic structures as their main structural motif. newlineAmong the heterocyclic molecules, Flavone and its derivatives have exhibited newlinenumerous biological and pharmacological activities. In the past few decades, the research newlinework was focused on the design and development of medicinally important molecules. newlineThe structural modifications on heterocyclic scaffold may yield effective therapeutic newlineagents without side effects. newlineKeeping these facts in mind, in the present investigations was focused on design, newlinesynthesis and structural characterization of hydroxyflavone derivatives and their copper newlinecomplexes. The chemically charaterized copper complexes were subjected to newlineantimicrobial, DNA studies, antioxidant, SOD, anti-inflammatory and anti tuberculosis newlineactivities and their salient features discussed. newlineThe removal of carbonyl group in the flavone nucleus with different substituted newlinearomatic amines improved structural and biological activities. The introduction of newlineelectron withdrawing on the phenyl ring was exhibited enhance biological activity. The newlinereplacement of O by N at position C-1 with aliphatic amines has increased newlinepharmacological activity of ligands. The incorporation of copper ion, the biological newlineactivity was further enchaned. newlineIn summary, the whole work contributes to the search of new molecules (copper newlinecomplexes of flavone derivatives) with systematic approaches to combat multidrug newlineresistant organisms and may be behaved as chemotherapeutic agents.
Appears in Departments:Chemistry

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