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24-May-2016Development of molecular markers for evaluation of genetic diversity in tea camellia sinensis L O kuntzeBhardwaj, PankajSharma, Ram Kumar
19-Apr-2016Molecular genetic markers in breast cancer among North Indian population diagnostic implicationAskari, MarjanSobti, R C
21-Apr-2016Molecular and cytogenetic studies on cervical cancer in a North Indian populationCaplash, NeenaSobti, R C
18-Apr-2016Molecular singnalling pathways involved in the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells by leads from natural productsKumar, AjaySingh, Jaswant
18-Apr-2016In silico predictions of drug like inhibitors against potential drug target enzymes of a unique diaminopimelic acid biosynthetic pathway present in prokaryotesAarti, AartiTewari, Rupinder
19-Apr-2016Molecular basis of stevioside biosynthesis in stevia rebaudiana bertoni a source of non calorific sweetenerKumar, HiteshSingh, Kashmir
19-Apr-2016Identification and molecular characterization of mutations and polymorphism in UGT1A1 OATP and G6PD genes in term and late preterm neonates with severe hyperbilirubinemiaRathi, RituKhullar, Neeraj
19-Apr-2016Molecular studies on the hormone receptor and metabolic gene polymorphisms in human prostate cancerOnsory, KhadijehSobti, R C
19-Apr-2016Studies on the molecular alterations in the pathogenesis of small cell and non small cell lung carcinomasSharma, SiddharthSobti, R C
18-Apr-2016Study of selective DNA sequences for nanowire applicationAjore, RamSobti, R C