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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
8-Jul-2019Synthesis of pyrazole and thiophene derivatives and study of their biological activityChavan, Satish MachhindraToche, Raghunath B.
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of N_heterocycles such as pyrazole_pyrimidine_oxadiazole and attachment of amino acid linkersBirari, Dilip RamdasJachak, Madhukar N
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of indanone pyridine_3_carbonitrile and improved pathway towards dibenzothiazepines_ azabicycloisoquinoline_ pyrimidine sulphonamide derivatives and their impurity profilesNiphade, Navnath ChintamanJachak, Madhukar N and Mathad, Vijavitthal T
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of pyrazolo fused heterocycles_study of their fluorescent properties and biological activitiesDeore, Raviraj BhatuToche, Raghunath B and Jachak, Madhukar N
27-Aug-2019Development of chromatographic and mass spectrometric method for identification of adulteration and quantitative estimation of adulterant in vegetable oilBakre, Suhas MadhukarGaikwad, Vishwas B and Toche, Raghunath B
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of novel pyranopyridine_ pyrazolopyridine_ thiazole_ oxazole and thiadiazine derivatives and study of their biological activityArjun, Chaudhari SunitaPatil, Sambhaji V and Jachak, Madhukar N
23-Aug-2019Synthesis of fluorescent dipyrazolopyridines_ 3_pyridinecarbonitriles and novel route towards pyrazolonaphthyridines_ pyrazolopyridopyrimidinesBagul, Sandeep MukundaJachak, Madhukar N and Toche, Raghunath B
2-Aug-2019Synthetic utility of 0 aminoaldehyde and o aminocarboxamide_synthesis of new heterocycles such as pyrazolopyridine_pyrazolopyridazine_pyrazolopyridopyrimidine derivatives and attachment of linkers to these heterocyclesBhavsar, Dinesh ChandrakantToche, Raghunath B and Jachak, Madhukar N