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6-Mar-2018Studies on morphology anatomy and histopathology of halys dentatus Hemiptera PentatomidaeGangurde Jyoti HaribhauDesai Ashok E and Nikam Santosh M
13-Feb-2017Significance of evaluation in the context of teaching EnglishPatil, Lalit NandkishorValke, B S
23-Nov-2016Studies on chemical deposition and physico chemical properties of Indium chalcogenide thin film for the application of solar cellBansode Sanjay BhimrajKale.S.S ; Pathan. H.M.
6-Dec-2018The teaching and learning of english at standard X problems and remediesKuwar,Vaishali RameshPatil,A P
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of indanone pyridine_3_carbonitrile and improved pathway towards dibenzothiazepines_ azabicycloisoquinoline_ pyrimidine sulphonamide derivatives and their impurity profilesNiphade, Navnath ChintamanJachak, Madhukar N and Mathad, Vijavitthal T
27-Aug-2019Synthesis of pyrazolo fused heterocycles_study of their fluorescent properties and biological activitiesDeore, Raviraj BhatuToche, Raghunath B and Jachak, Madhukar N
18-Apr-2016Synthesis and study of photophysical properties of amino quinoline pyrimidoquinoline and benzonaphtharidine derivativesRane Bhupendra ShaligramJachak Madhukar N. and Toche Raghunath B.
18-Apr-2016Synthesis of novel pyrazolopyrimidine azaindacene pyrazolopyrrolopyrimidine benzo h naphthyridine derivatives and study their photophysical propertiesRote Ramhari VishnuJachak Madhukar N. and Toche Raghunath B.
25-Jul-2017Synthesis of biologically active heterocycles such as pyrimidine and pyrazolopyridine derivativesMedhane, Vijay JagannathJachak, Madhukar N
25-Apr-2016Materials production for integrative and interactive teaching of EnglishRakibe Kiran HaribhauDeshmane Chetan