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28-Oct-2020Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic studies on glycine derivativesParameswari AMilton Franklin Benial A
28-Oct-2020Synthesis and characterization studies of Tio2 thin films for UV screening applications in agriculturally beneficial microorganism and medicinal plantsMalliga PNeyvasagam K
28-Oct-2020Experimental investigations on components heating systems and test setups in photothermal applicationsJeba Rajasekhar R VLalitha S and Vasu V
28-Oct-2020Synthesis growth characterization and quantum chemical investigations of novel organic single crystals for nonlinear optical applicationsThirumurugan RAnitha K
28-Oct-2020XRD characterization of nonlinear optical materialsThirumalaisamy T KSaravanan R
28-Oct-2020Electron spin resonance and dynamic nuclear polarization studies on nitroxyl spin probes used in overhauser enhanced magnetic resonance imagingMeenakumari VMilton Franklin Benial A and Jawahar A
28-Oct-2020Analysis on theoretical and experimental electron density distribution of some pharmaceutical solid systemsNiranjana Devi RIsrael S
28-Oct-2020Investigation on the structural and optical properties of doped and undoped rare earth sesquioxide systemsMorris Marieli AntoinetteIsrael S
28-Oct-2020Synthesis and characterization of ferrite materialsKannan Y BSrinivasan N and Saravanan R
28-Oct-2020Preparation and physical characterization of silicon and germanium based diluted magnetic semiconductorsSheeba R A J RSaravanan R