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22-Sep-2017Studies on synthesis Characterization and catalytic Behaviour of entrapped Transition metal complexes into the zeoliteParmar Digvijaysinh KarashanbhaiMehta Jignasu P
29-Apr-2016Synthesis And Characterization Of New Medicinally Important HeterocyclesGirl, Rajesh L.Dr.B. S. Patwa (Retd)
1-Jun-2016Molecular And Biochemical Characterization Of Indian Species Of Gracilaria Gracilariales RhodophytaPareek,MadhuProf. Bhavanath Jha
9-Mar-2016Synthesis and Characterization of Mono Valent Ion Selective Membrane for Water Desalination By ElectrodialysisThakur Amit KumarDr. Shahi Vinod Kumar
12-May-2016Preparation Characterization And Thermo Mechanical Properties Of High Performance Polymers And Their MembranesMohan, Jagan DDr. A. V. R. Reddy
18-May-2016Preparation And Characterization Of Enantioselective Polymer Membranes For Separation Of EnantiomersSingh, KripalDr.H.C.Bajaj
19-Feb-2015Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Chiral Catalysts for Commercially Important Asymmetric Oxidative Organic TransformationsPrasanta Kumar, BeraSayed Hasan Razi Abdi
10-May-2016Synthesis and Characterization Of New Polydentate Mixed Donor Ligands And Their Complexes With Transition Group Metal IonsPurohit, SapnaM. M. Taqui Khan
29-Apr-2016Synthesis Characterization Physicochemical Studies Of Some New Photoactive Molecules And Studies On Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics To Semiconductor NanoparticlesKar, PrasenjitDr.Amitava Das
22-Sep-2017Studies On Transition Metal Complexes Encapsulated In The Supercages Of Zeolite Y Synthesis Characterization And Catalytic AspectsNakum Haresh DanabhaiGodhani Dinesh R