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18-Feb-2015Systematic studies on the genus glyphochloa w d claytonFonseca, Maria A A RJanrathanam, M K
18-Feb-2015Studies on foliicolous fungi from goa and neighbouring areas of maharashtra and karnataka indiaJalmi, Pratibha S.Bhat, J
1-Jan-2015Studies on diversity ecology and biology of aquatic fungi of some freshwater streams of western ghat forests in goa state indiaNair, sheekala K
1-Jan-2015Studies in arbuscular mycorrhizal am fungi associated with some tree species from mollem and dharbandoda forest areas of goaGaunker, Uday CRodrigues, B F
1-Jan-2015Studies on diversity ecology and biology of microfungi associated with a few dicot and monocot plant species of western ghats in goa state india-Bhat, J
10-Feb-2015Physiological biochemical and molecular changes in nostoc spongiaeforme agardh a freshwater cyanobacterium and phormidium corium agardh gomont a marine cyanobacterium due to uv b and high light exposureBhandari, Rupoli RSharma, P.K.
10-Feb-2015Studies on diversity ecology and activity of the microfungi associated with ficus benghalensis linn and carissa congesta wight from goa stateJacob, MiriamBhat, D J
1-Jan-2015Studies on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in coastal sand dune vegetation of goaJaiswal, VarshaRodrigues, B F
1-Jan-2015Arbuscular mycorrhizal am fungal diversity of degraded iron ore mine wastelands of goaBukhari, Mehtab JahanRodrigues, B F
10-Feb-2015Conservation and management of mangrovesKumar, RajivUntawale, Arvind G