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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Aug-2014Status of Total Quality Management in Higher Learning Institutions in IndiaBuvaneswari, P.Aravazhi Irissappane, D.
27-Dec-2017Comparative studies on the reproductive biology of terapon species terapon jarbua forsskal 1775 and terapon puta cuvier 1829 from puducherry coast IndiaNandikeswari, RAnandan, V
27-Dec-2017Pharmacognosy phytochemistry and pharmacological studies on tricalysia sphaerocarpa dalzell ex hook f gambleAnandhi, GPragasam, A
16-Oct-2017Experimental and DFT Studies on the Vibrational Structural and Electronic Properties of Some Novel Organic CompoundsArushma RajArjunan, V.
8-Jul-2019Values in NattrinaiKasthuribaikanthi, K.Ilango, N.
2-Aug-2018Modulatory Effect of Quercetin on Hexaconazole Induced Reproductive Toxicity in Male RatsRamesh, VKumaran, B
26-Dec-2018Antibacterial activity of mucuna pruriens seed extract on vibrio harveyi infected litopenaeus vannameiShanmugavel, G.Krishnamoorthy, G.
26-Dec-2018Impact of mass drug administration mda with diethylcarbamize citrate dec and albendazole on human microfilaria prevalance and vector transmission parameters in the UT of Puducherry IndiaGunasekaran, S.Rajalakshmi, S.
29-May-2019Ontology based system to define encode and detect fundamental chemical entities of organic reactivity interestVijayasarathi DAsok Kumar Jana
21-Dec-2018Studies on phylloplane and endophytic fungi isolated from mangrove plants and their bioactive compoundsAnandhu, R.Bijaya Kumar Nayak