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14-Mar-2016Growth and characterization of molybdenum tungsten diselenide single crystals for photoelectro chemical solar cellsGholam Hossein, YousefiAgarwal, M K
11-Mar-2016Growth characterisation and photoelectrochemical studies of intercalated tungsten diselenide single crystalsDeshpande, Milind PAgarwal, M K
11-Mar-2016Growth and characterization of intercalated doped compounds of tungsten diselenide single crystalsPatel, Jignesh BDeshpande, M P
11-Mar-2016Application of well characterized e bean evaporated WSe2 thin films in schottky barrier diodesPatel, Mayurkumar MPatel, K D
14-Mar-2016Studies on schottky barrier devices prepared from well characterised tungsten diselenide crystals grown by DVT techniquePatel, Chandrakant APatel, K D
11-Mar-2016Growth and characterization of tungsten sulfo selenide single crystals with their use in photoelectrochemical solar cellsVashi, Maheshkumar NathubhaiAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Growth characterisation and some experimental investigations on stoichiometric and off stoichiometric single crystals of tungsten dichalcogenidesPatel, Yogesh AAgarwal, M K
18-Mar-2016Growth and photoelectrochemical characterization of certain TMDC single crystalsNarayandas, DhananjayAgarwal, M K
14-Mar-2016Some experimental investigations on the single crystals of layered tin monoselenide and tungsten disulphide semiconductorsAgarwal, AjayAgarwal, MK
14-Mar-2016Characterization of pec solar cells fabricated using WSe2 single crystals grown by different transportersVenkateswara Rao, VeeramachaneniAgarwal, MK