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6-Mar-2013Growth and characterization of Zinc Monochalcogenide Crystals and thin filmsGandhi, Jayeshkumar RajendrakumarPatel, K D
6-Mar-2013Study of certain physical properties of technologically important materials using pseudopotentials and density functional theoryKhambholja, Shyamkumar GThakore, B Y
6-Mar-2013Study of less simple liquid elements and their alloys using pseudopotentialsManjul KumarJani, A R
6-Mar-2013Spectroscopy and decay properties of heavy flavour hadronsPatel, Bhavin KVinodkumar P C
6-Mar-2013Studies on crystal growth and characterization of cadmium oxalate Trihydrate single crystalsChauhan, KanaiyalalArora, S K; Patel, Urmila H
6-Mar-2013Growth, characterization and high pressure studies of Tantalum Dichalcogenide single crystalsPatel, Amitkumar JasubhaiJani, A R
6-Mar-2013Theoretical studies on electron impact atomic-molecular collision processes relevant in plasma and Astrophysical SystemsShelat, Foram AJoshipura K N
6-Mar-2013Theoretical studies on electron scattering processes with important atomic and molecular targetsBhowmik, PoojaJoshipura K N
6-Mar-2013Study of certain physical properties of some alkaline earth metals, transition metals, their binary alloys and bulk metallic glasses using pseudopotential theorySuthar, Punitkumar HarshadbhaiThakore, B Y
29-Dec-2014Growth and characterization of nano crystalline p-SnSe thin films for its use in p-SnSe/n-MoSe2 Hetrojunction DiodeHingarajiya, Keyurkumar SPatel, K D