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29-Dec-2014Growth and characterization of nano crystalline p-SnSe thin films for its use in p-SnSe/n-MoSe2 Hetrojunction DiodeHingarajiya, Keyurkumar SPatel, K D
6-Mar-2013Properties of heavy flavour baryons using quark modelsMajethiya, Ajay AVinodkumar P C
6-Mar-2013Growth and characterization of Mixed Germanium Sulphoselenide (GeSxSe1x) single crystals by Chemical Vapour Transport TechniqueUnadkat, Sandip RajnikantSolanki, G K
6-Mar-2013Physical properties of several elements, compounds and alloys using pseudopotentials and density functional theoryJoshi, Mitesh JayantkumarThakore, B Y
16-Sep-2014High pressure and low temperature raman spectroscopy and resistivity studies of metal chalcogenides single crystalsBhatt, Sandip VDeshpande, M P
6-Mar-2013Theoretical modeling of tribological problems using magnetic fluids as lubricantsVadher, Pragna AmratlalVinodkumar P C; Deheri, G M
6-Mar-2013Application of pseudopotential theory to certain binary, ternary and quaternary semiconductorsVyas, Pareshkumar Shaileshkumar,Jani, A R
6-Mar-2013Investigations on MoSe2/Polyaniline heterostructure solar cellsPatel, Hareshkumar ShivabhaiPathak, V M
6-Mar-2013Theoretical investigations on scattering of electrons with targets of varied interestBhutadia, Harshad SMinaxi Vinodkumar
6-Mar-2013Molecular structure and Supra-molecular aggregation in Novel Pyrrole and Pyrrolo [2,3-d] Pyrimidine derivatives: X-Ray Crystallographic InvestigationsPatel, Bharatkumar DPatel, Urmila H